Thank you for checking out Source Craft. Source Craft is not so much about religion or belief, but about intent and purpose. I would compare it to the opposite of centralized or organized religion. It is meant to provide individuals with an open framework to build a life of purpose for themselves and others.


Please note: this is a very young and a living changing practice, and will evolve with time.

Source Crafting is all about energy or vibes. It comes from an individual entity understanding that while we may have different bodies or experiences, we all share the same basic conciousness.


Similar to how the cells that make up our bodies eventually learned to work together to live their best life, mankind must do the same. Socialism has failed, capitalism has failed, people must change for the better before our organizational systems will. This framework should allow each individual to experiement and discover thier innerself, and control thier energies.


Source Craft is dedicated to the forces that watch over and guide us, however we may envision or name them.


If you have any questions or comments about this content, feel free to contact any of the Crafters below.